Best Sports News Websites


There are many sources for sports news. Some of the best ones are BBC Sport, ESPN, 8X Sports, The Athletic, and Reuters. These sources offer a wealth of information and analysis on a wide variety of sports. Some of the best sports news websites are also free to access. You can also find news from major sports leagues and tournaments on their websites.

BBC Sport

If you’re a sports fan, the BBC Sport website is a must-see. It features live coverage of major sporting events and includes news, scores, and highlights. It also offers podcasts through BBC Sounds, and exclusive content from BBC iPlayer. You can easily find the latest news and highlights of your favorite sports, whether it’s soccer, tennis, rugby, or American football. With no adverts, BBC Sport is an excellent choice for sports news.

BBC Sport is home to a wide range of sports and features a thriving online forum. This sports forum, known as 606, covered all sorts of sports. It also had individual pages for individual sports teams, allowing users to comment on topics related to their teams. Forum members could also rate each other’s opinions. BBC staff moderated the discussions.

8X Sports

8X Sports has long been regarded as the best network for sports news. This was evident when the NFL returned to the network in 2006 after an eight-year hiatus. The network carries Sunday Night Football as well as select postseason games. In recent years, the network has also expanded its offerings beyond football.

The company’s newest venture is 8Xbet Sports History, a multimedia digital timeline that chronicles the most memorable sports moments. It also features first-time game presentation of some of the most iconic sports moments in history.


If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest sports news, ESPN is a great source of information. Its sports coverage spans the globe, and is updated every hour. The app also allows you to customize your news feed by dedicating a whole screen to your favorite sports. Additionally, you can play sports news feeds in a footer alongside other content, and adjust the speed of the transitions. There’s also a preview option, so you can see how the feeds will look in different layouts.

In 1979, Getty Oil invested $10 million in ESPN. They then hired Chet Simmons to run the network. They also hired management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. to assess the future of the company. A group led by Roger Werner, the former chief financial officer of Getty, predicted that ESPN could be profitable in five years with an additional $120 million investment. The new president also added the presidency of ABC Sports to his portfolio, so that he would be in charge of both companies.

The Athletic

The Athletic is a new sports news publication that launched in August 2017 in the San Francisco area. The site has a strong focus on long-form writing. Its team includes Paul Fichtenbaum, the chief content officer, and Phil Taylor, a contributing writer. The website has a broader audience and more in-depth coverage of sports than other outlets.

The Athletic’s growth tactics have some critics questioning its future. The company’s business model is subscription revenue, and some investors say they are unsure about whether the company will remain independent. However, Jackson and his co-founders have stated that they are focused on growing the company and sticking to sports, not expanding into other verticals.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a popular sports network and is known for providing excellent coverage of sporting events. The network televises a wide variety of sports, including football, golf, and the NCAA Tournament. It also offers an exceptional website that features updated news about a wide variety of sports competitions worldwide. Its website is also a great resource for fantasy sports enthusiasts, with a variety of fantasy sports fantasy leagues available.

CBS Sports’ NFL coverage is among the best in the country. Its coverage of the National Football League (NFL) is the most popular in the United States. It generates huge revenues for the network and draws in a huge audience. The network recently signed a major rights deal for the 2021 season. This deal is CBS’ largest in history. The NFL brings in over $1 billion in revenue for the CBS broadcast network, and generates the highest ratings of any television program.

Yahoo Sports

If you’re a sports fan, Yahoo Sports is a great resource. This free website has scores and breaking news for all the major North American sports. It also has live game streaming for select sports. In addition to scores and news, Yahoo Sports features a fantasy sports hub. Yahoo’s sports coverage is comprehensive and well organized, with original, informative articles by the best sports writers.

In 2017, NBA and NFL stories dominated the Yahoo Sports website. Those stories included the Golden State Warriors’ run to a second straight championship and LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. NFL games were plentiful, as there was not a single non-game day between the regular season and Super Bowl LII.

Google Search

Google Search has many features that make it easy to find stuff on the web. You can search for a particular topic, including sports, to find a list of related articles. The search bar can be very useful for finding sports news, as it has a quick news tab and specialized sports formatting. However, it is not as comprehensive as the other sports news apps on the market.

You can also watch videos of your favorite sports events. Some of the video news channels that you can watch include The Fumble and Sports And News. Sports And News is one of the top sports video news agencies in the world. It features news and live scores from every sport. Another good source for sports news is SportsMint Media, an online community.


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